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Viachaslou Marozau

Viachaslau Marozau was born and raised in Mogilev, Belarus. He first made the Belarus national trampoline team in 1988 and went on to make in 1994 Worldchampionship team, taking home team gold medals in 1993, 1995. Also he became a winner of a World Cup in 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995. After retiring from competition, coach Slava (also known by this name) moved to United States and became a part of the one of the famous shows at Cirque Du Soleil in Orlando, FL "La Nouba". A few years later, he returned to the trampoline as a coach. With over 20 years of trampoline experience, he coaches trampoline and tumbling at ETA. During his career he raised several students, granted title "Master of Sports of Belarus" and one of his athletes became a winner of World Championship.

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